Friday Night Lights Seasons 1-5 DVD Box set

This TV drama -“Friday Night Lights” was broadcast by the American NBC in 2006.  The play was adapted from the American movie of the same name in 2004. It has a perspective on people who are living in a rural town of Dillon, Texas. The residents of this town love football very much. It is a football game which can make them boil and immerse in the whole town. Here, winning the state championship in a football game is considered the supreme honor. Dillon Panthers team is a team from Dillon High School in Friday Night Lights Seasons 1-5 DVD Box set, which is a promising football team.

The Panthers is the most like a champion high school football team; the team has the town’s best quarterback star. New members of the team include: captain and star quarterback Jason StreetScott; powerful running back Brian Williams, nicknamed “grinder”, running back Tim Riggins; Taylor good wife Tami, three-line quarterback Matt Saracen, cheerleader Lyla Garrity, also the Street’s lover. Then the new instructor Eric – Taylor also took office. When the new football season began, the town’s pride and sense of honor make those young players are aware of the heavy pressure of their shoulders.There are a variety of differences between the players, among active players and former players, between supporters of the team and among coaching staff, A t the same time, this show reflects many issues happening in many towns in the United States today. In 2011, “Friday Night Lights" won the 63rd Emmy Award for Best Actor and Best Screenplay Award.

    This show has very interesting plot of Friday Night Lights DVD Box Set and the cast is very wonderful. I love watching games series. Of course, it is very suitable for teenagers. I would follow it to the end.